Best Android Emulator for PC

Best Android Emulator For PC – A Comprehensive List

Are you willing to run Android APK files on your PC? This is no more a dream now. There are a number of Android emulators available on the market that enables you for the same. By choosing the Best Android emulator for PC, you can work with Android apps on desktop and laptop seamlessly. It also enables you to play your favorite games on a larger screen that brings a lot of fun and excitement.

Once you try Android emulators, you definitely get tempted to it. The only thing that you have to keep in mind is- all emulators don’t work as they are advertised. So, it is imperative to search the right one for your purpose.

To narrow down your selection, I’ve come up with this article. A thorough read of the entire post will ensure that you get an appropriate Android emulator for your PC.

Let’s check out the list of top 10 emulators in the next section-

Best Android Emulator Apps Suitable For PC Users

Out of various emulators, I’ve picked top 10 apps that will work fine for you. With no further comment, here we’ll start with most popular BlueStacks Emulator.

  • BlueStacks Emulator – The Oldest One

It is considered as the oldest Android emulator for PC and rewarded as the best Android emulator for pc because of its sophisticated features.

It is extremely easy to use and has both paid and free versions. Depending on your need, you can go with free DEMO-version or paid-FULL version. You can seamlessly run DraStic DS Emulator APK on Bluestacks!

Some of the likings of this emulator include increased 2×2 times graphics, supports almost all apps like Terrarium TV and runs smoothly. With its installation, there will be no need for looking alternatives.

In case, you need another emulator for your purpose. It is better to read till the end and pick one that suits you the best.

  • Genymotion – Run Your Android On PC Seamlessly

Are you one of the developers and want to test your apps? It is a great emulator that allows you to check apps on multiple devices.

With its installation, you can configure the settings to different versions of Android. Once done, you can test it for Android 4.4, 6.0 and more.

No doubt, it is a fantastic emulator for developers. If you are looking for personal use, it comes at free of cost without any issue.

  • Remix OS Player – Easy To Install And Operate

In the list of emulators, it is one of the earliest to provide the simulation of Android 6.0 and above versions. It is incredibly built with a handful of features for PC users.

Whether you want an emulator for personal use or developing purpose, it works just fine. The only limitation is that Remix OS player doesn’t support AMD CPUs.

It is the most-awaited feature from the developers. Hope the new update with come up with this change shortly and entitle it to the top of the best Android emulator.

  • Nox App Player – Great For Playing Games

Looking for the best Android simulator to play games? Nox App Player is the right option and available for free. With the amazing features to control your games, it offers a great way to entertain.

It comes with full-sized game controllers that enable you to experience much better than anything else. No doubt, it is a gamer-oriented emulator with an array of features.

As it is free to download, you can have a test before keeping it as your ideal one.

  • MEmu – It Supports AMD Chipsets

To make your PC gaming comfortable, it comes with the feature that supports both Intel and AMD chipsets. It can run multiple instances of same apps as well as different apps.

If you are developing an app or game, this can be used for testing. It is easy to install and offers the perfect mix of useful features. However, it does not support Android 7 and above.

In the latest updates, it is likely to offer the support-feature for latest versions of Android. Till then, you can test your apps for rest of the versions of Android.

  • KoPlayer – Allows You To Record And Upload

It is listed among the newest emulators but offers a lot of promises. According to the developers, it is best-suited for playing games on PC.

You can easily control this KoPlayer using your keyboard and record gaming footage on demand. In case, you want to upload them. It is also possible from anywhere on the emulator.

If you are one of the game lovers and want to enjoy games on larger screen, then it is the best android emulator for pc on the market. Also, it is free to download and install on PCs.

  • AMIDuOS – Three Different Versions Are Available

Want to compete with other gamers and enjoy your favorite games? This is going to be the perfect emulator for Jellybean and Lollipop Android users. (Updates are on its way)

The developers have offered it in three different parameters. Either you can go with its free trial version or have to pick any one of the two-paid versions.

Both paid versions have different prices based on the supported version of Android. It is a light emulator that enables you to install unlimited apps.

It may not be ideal for developers but offers a great feature for personal use.


Apart from the above-discussed simulators, there are a few more that can work fine for your purpose. This include-

  • Droid4X

It mainly focuses on simplifying the ways to play Android games on PC. It is free and has a Mac version for the users. Interestingly, it also comes with simple interface and works smooth.

  • YouWave

It is among the older simulators for PC on the market. To make it workable with the latest versions of Android, the developers keep it updated.

Both free and paid versions are available on the market. It is helpful to play your favorite games and handle productivity as well.

  • Android-x86

It offers a complete support to Android apps and has a free version. Whether you have PC with Intel x86 or AMD processors, it works fine on both chipsets.

Bottom Line

I hope this information has helped you out in picking the best Android emulator for pc. Download and install it today to enjoy your favorite Nintendo games and/or do other activities.

For any updates related to the emulators, you are free to bookmark this page. It enables you to check them occasionally. Be the first among your friends to notify them!

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